A conscientious and efficient team (we try hard):
 From the vine to the chai ALEXI, is the bus conductor : between pragmatism and benevolent authority, he distills advices and knowledge. From bottle to glass, with a zest of impertinence, a good dose of empathy and resilience, VALERIE is in charge of the commercial and administrative part no less!
Based in Targon, valiant, discreet, JEAN-BERNARD is the « grumpy » one in the team ! Efficiency has been meant for him. Also based inTargon, PASCAL, invaluable for its technical knowledge and practical spirit. He IS Virecourt’s conscience (he was born there).
Full part of the team, the "technicians" who follow, help and support us throughout the year and without whom the result would undoubtedly be different:
OUR FAIRIES: SOPHIE & CARINE (no, her name is not Jean-Bernard): their technical and agronomic advice is precious in our daily work from January to December.
MIKAEL & PASCAL : the 2 wizards (yes indeed) with exceptional taste and olfactory knowledge whose recommendations raise the debate ! Our 4-legged Friends :
JECKYLL good humor guaranteed, playful and elusive, the silicone bungs are its favorite game (among others). THE CAT When the weather is fine, he comes to bask in the steps of La Grangère, he is a freelance guy who enjoys company however ... and who talks a lot (oh yeah!).