BORDEAUXVINEYARDS Saint-Émilion Grand Cruwe searched a long time for our vines…. in the Loire, in the Minervois, and then finally in the region of Bordeaux.  It was at this point that everything became clear, like a lightning flash.  Bordeaux, of course… its prestigious name, its rich history, its culture ! that said it all.Our viticultural exploits began when we bought our first property, Chateau St Julian in the Entre-Deux-Mers. Shortly afterwards another opportunity presented itself in Saint Emilion:  Château La Grangère.                  SHARING OUR DREAMS WITH YOUSaint-Émilion Grand Cru How was it possible to resist such an opportunity?  It was like a dream come true.  For 10 years we have continued to live the dream aware that such an abundance of humility, patience and love is needed in the vines to extract the quintessence that is wine. Each vintage composes its own story, its own history, writing year after year a different expression.  And it is this dream, and these stories, that we hope to share with you through our wines.  Each aroma, every fragrance will plunge you into a world of memories and emotions: the wet forest floor of a walk in autumn, a meadow full of flowers on a country holiday, the lingering pleasure of a raspberry tart, a long summer’s evening around the table with friends…    




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 Saint-Emilion Grand Cru