ORGANICVINEYARDS Saint-Émilion Grand Cru                              The choice of organic viticulture was for us, above all else, the culmination of years of thought, observation and questioning. Even though administered with moderation, chemical treatments had slowly and surreptitiously worked their way into our daily practices.  By compromise and concession, we were putting everything that we held most dear in danger: our health, and the quality of our wines through the progressive impoverishment of the soils and therefore the terroir.  Little by little we were losing our identity. We became convinced : it is our duty to hand over the Earth to future generations for the years to come.  Life is precious and must be preserved.  We believe that the future depends on re-establishing the natural balance and harmony between man and Mother Nature, which is why we have re-integrated this concept into our working philosophy.                 RESPECTING THE ENVIRONMENTSaint-Émilion Grand Cru Engaging in organic viticulture means respecting a strict specifications charter, three times a year controlled by the independent certification body Agrocert.  In the vineyard and in the cellar, everything is appraised, analysed and verified carefully before being given the precious approval.  These are numerous constraints and requirements to which we submit ourselves voluntarily. By encouraging natural ecosystems and biodiversity in our vines, by giving life to the soils and ensuring the sustainability of the fauna and flora, we are contributing to the character of our terroir and our identity. At Château La Grangère and at Château Saint Julian we protect the vines with products made from ingredients of natural origin which strengthen their resistance to disease and respect the ecological equilibrium. And we have found that our soils, aerated and living, are now home to a very active subterranean life in the form of insects and carnivorous mites which interact and feed off the vine pests.  The green manure that we use supplies the necessary nutrients and minerals that the vines need throughout their growing cycle, favours the proliferation of fauna and stimulates micro-organisms in the soil. A vine that has its own natural defences naturally produces high quality grapes.  Its roots plunge deeper into the earth to extract the minerals that it needs to develop and stay healthy, contributing to the terroir character profile that is expressed in each of our wines.  





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