ORGANICVINEYARDS Saint-Émilion Grand CruEcology is now (finally) at the heart of everyone's concerns: what kind of planet will we have tomorrow, where do we go? This "green tropism" reflects in the consumers choices wanting to be sure either of the food quality vs their health and the impact on Nature. And we, as farmer and wine grower are particularly concerned by this issue. This led us a step further organic by committing to High Environmental Value (HEV) certification. But what does HEV means really and how does this “label” translate into our day-to-day activities as winegrowers? First and foremost, it has reinforced our commitment to the environment. For the whole team; workers, oenologists, engineers, men & women in the field and in the office; these are concerted choices (sometimes difficult as in 2018 and 2021) driven by a real philosophy. Consciously, we have all chosen Human Beings and Nature in our daily practices. Across all our properties, our short, medium and long-term actions are guided by:                    - Biological diversity: we enhance and take care of our surrounding landscapes, meadows, vines, runs & streams  and forests by replanting fruit trees, hedges and plants here and there; - Care for the earth: for 13 years now, we no longer use synthetic (chemical) products as part of our commitment to organic farming. We apply treatments of natural origin (bio-control) and our soils are sparingly enriched exclusively with natural composts (a well-fed vine is hale and hearty... it self-regulates), - Water is life: as it tends to be scarce we use it sparingly. Our vines are not irrigated (except the young ones in their first 3 years) and remain subject to the vagaries of the climate: nature is in charge. Water on our land is preserved. But we go, too, a little further more:- we recycle all packaging, labels, capsules, paper, cardboards, plastics, barrels, vine stakes (for our new plantations for instance), wires,- we’ve long since removed all products of animal origin both in the vineyard and in the chai (we are Vegan-compatible),- our treatment equipment undergoes rigorous technical checks every year,- we choose products according to their packaging: recyclable paper rather than plastic. All those actions are carried out on a daily basis, always with care and respect for our own surroundings. It is a constant and regular effort (& duty) that we consciously make; a virtuous circle in which everyone contributes to the edifice. Individually and collectively we ALL know, we’re responsible for our choices. 




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